​Improve Wastewater Treatment Processes With These Infrastructure Upgrades

​Improve Wastewater Treatment Processes With These Infrastructure Upgrades

The Level Lodor from JDV Equipment.

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Covers, domes and other infrastructure are critical components in wastewater treatment. From tailored launder covers that improve effluent clarity and reduce cleaning requirements, to revolutionary pump systems that eliminate the need for a wet well, and unique bag systems for odor containment, the solutions below prioritize operational convenience and eco-conscious designs. 

JDV Equipment Level Lodor
The Level Lodor from JDV Equipment provides water quality professionals a means to dispose of processed waste, control odors and limit waste exposure to operators. It uses auto-leveling technology to level the waste material. This increases the fill percentage of a dumpster without operator intervention, slide gates or extensive control strategies, while limiting exposure to potentially hazardous material and working conditions. Made for indoor or outdoor use, it can save valuable indoor square footage or eliminate the need for additional building space by installing the system outdoors. The covers are custom made to cover standard 20-, 30- and 40-yard dumpsters, with an overall footprint barely larger than a standard dumpster. The shaftless option uses replaceable ultra-high molecular weight liners that will reduce screw wear. The shafted option can be used for increased efficiency and has easily accessible grease points. 973-366-6556; www.jdvequipment.com

Industrial and Environmental Concepts Launder Cover
The Launder Cover from Industrial and Environmental Concepts gives the wastewater industry an affordable, long-lasting cover. Each cover section enables operational personnel quick access to the launder channel. The cover incorporates a tensioning system that provides versatility and access virtually anywhere around the tank. It has proven effective in reducing and eliminating algae to reduce TSS and improve effluent clarity. Each cover is designed for local environmental conditions. Its use can also reduce daily/weekly/monthly and annual clarifier cleaning requirements. 952-829-0731; www.ieccovers.com

Industrial Flow Solutions OverWatch
Industrial Flow Solutions’ OverWatch pump system lifts influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well. Effluent is contained, eliminating odors and reducing maintenance. The stainless steel body is designed to withstand the effects of corrosion from harsh materials and solutions, making OverWatch an ideal solution for the municipal, industrial and commercial industries. In addition, the system has HMI touchscreen controls to further simplify operations. 860-631-3618; www.flowsolutions.com

Paxxo Longopac Fill
The Longopac Fill continuous bag system from Paxxo can connect to the discharge point of machines used to move, dewater or compact screenings, grit and biosolids. Material is then deposited in a 90-meter-long continuous bag for odor containment and spillage control. The cassette bag can be sealed with ease, and the material and odors are trapped inside, cutting down development of bacteria and fungus spores. 770-502-0055; www.paxxo.com


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